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Military history moves to wig-wags November 5, 2007

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I have moved my military history studies related pages/information to a new blog titled wig-wags. It can be found at http://www.wigwags.wordpress.com.

Mr. Davis pulls no punches November 4, 2007

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A couple of weeks ago, I had to purchase a new bookcase for all of the Civil War books I’ve purchased. This is troubling in that I’m only in my first graduate course on the topic. OK book purchasing is a serious addiction of mine and always has been. Ask anyone who knows me.

Note on my “studies” page the list of required books for my classes and then the very long list of “recommended” books. The latter are in the syllabus with reading assignments “in case you have extra time.” I DO try to make the time although I never have enough. But I manage to buy most of the recommended books just in case. I must be the “target market” of Civil War publishers.

The encouragement to purchase the bookcase came from those who live in my household and became concerned by the stacks of books in walkways. Go figure. Unfortunately, the bookcase wasn’t big enough and it has four shelves!

Myths and Realities of the Confederacy (Modern War Studies)

Currently, I’m reading The Cause Lost: Myths and Realities of the Confederacy by William C. Davis. The approach Davis has taken is to profile the primary players in the conflict – foibles and all. W. C. presents a fascinating portrait of Jefferson Davis which borders on being psychoanalytic. It helps to explain why Davis and his generals had such poor relationships, the exception being Lee who was a master at determining how to handle the man and won his loyalty and friendship. Three of Lee’s practices stood out. First, he kept Davis informed on a daily basis – unlike Beauregard and Johnston. Second, he asked Davis for his opinion, which stroked his ego. Third, he stayed away from the press and didn’t criticize Davis behind his back. Lee’s peers struggled with either their own self-importance or lack of ability and found outlet by back-biting in the press.

All in all a very good read largely because Mr. Davis pulls no punches. Also worth the read are the details provided, case in point, the sinking of the Stone Fleet at the mouth of harbor leading into Charleston. This strategy by the Federals to block traffic into and out of the harbor failed miserably due to the soft mud bottom into which the fleet – whose holds were filled with granite – sank.

On Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution October 26, 2007

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Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution A thought provoking collection of essays on the complicated second American revolution that was the American Civil War and the startling reversals that took place during the counterrevolution not ten years later. McPherson’s essays are masterful. Highly recommended.

To blog is to organize October 26, 2007

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And so I’m learning that pulling together a blog allows me to organize materials and thoughts. This is especially true for all things “school.” Having a virtual place to organize my reading lists – whether required or “desired” is very nice. And why not open a bookstore while I’m at it featuring all of the books I’m reading. Done! with Amazon.com. Pretty easy.

Note to self. Must learn frames and CSS.

Study block October 24, 2007

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A paper is due this weekend. Usually studious, and cognizant of the fact that I have a day job, I know I should read during every spare minute and write as I go. Instead, I’ve built this blog site. Enough said.

From le chateau du bois October 23, 2007

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23 October 2007 11:25 P.M.

Cold, wet, lovely fall is finally here. In our globally warmed world, the trees have barely changed color. But we’re to have a frost tonight. Oh for a bowl of Larry’s chili!

To the books…I am as usual behind on my reading. “The Conferederacy as a Revolutionary Experience” by Emory M. Thomas. A paper due by Sunday.

Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience


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